Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30 - The Dog at the "Spooky" House

Every Halloween this house's front yard is converted into a scary graveyard with spooky skeletons, coffins, ghosts and really scary noises. It is open to the public and every year we dare to go in and check it out. We now call it the spooky house and this is where my son sees this white dog every day. It was very foggy today and I can see the mist around the house. I wish I had gotten a sharper picture of the dog, but I wasn't too comfortable getting too close to him. I didn't want to scare him...


  1. Great Foggy picture, Really love the second one.

  2. Very cool house! The fog suits the picture well. And that breed of dog notoriously breeds sweet "teddy bears". I believe they're called Great Pyrenees? Anyhow, love the pictures! You should do a night shoot of this house during Halloween!

  3. These two shots work together to tell the story. I love how the gate frames the portrait of the dog, and then the wider scene shows off the whole environment.