Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 291 - Haddam.... and the Moon

Self Portrait by the Connecticut River, right next to the Goodspeed Opera House and the Haddam Bridge

My new I-Phone Case
Haddam Bridge

The Hunter's Moon

This is a sample of the kind of photo I wanted to get of the moon. Blue sky, nice water reflection, beautiful trees, and a more defined moon. But, it wasn't easy. I saw the moon when I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things in a rush. I almost fainted when I saw it. The moon looked huge and yellow and gorgeous! I got back in the car and drove to Sears Park and tried but didn't know which settings to begin with. This is just a photo in either program or auto, because everything else I tried was either too dark or too bright. And I didn't have all the time in the world to try anything. I had to go home and feed my family...Besides I had already taken a lot of photos in Haddam and have many of the moon!


  1. Beautiful photos Olga.
    Do you know the sunny 16 rule?
    In full sun you can set your exposure to f16 and the reciprocal of your iso speed. That means if you are using ISO 200 your exposure would be 1/200th second at f16. You probably don't have 1/200 as a shutter speed choice so pick the one closest. You can of course adjust this to pick other f stops or shutter speeds. (f11 @ 1/400, f8 @ 1/800, etc)
    The moon is reflecting sunlight so it also follows this rule. If you want detail in the moon you would use the sunny 16 rule.
    For this scene the sunny 16 rule would make the sky and trees much darker which isn't what you want but if you are shooting in RAW you can use the shadow slider in Lightroom or Camera Raw to bring them back.
    If you get another chance I would try shooting several different exposures. Start with f16, 1/200 ISO 200, then do F/11, 1/200 ISO 200, then f8, and f5.6
    Take those into Lightroom and play with the Shadow and Highlights sliders until you have something you like. Moving the Highlights to the left will bring detail back into the moon and moving the shadow slider to the right will bring color back into the trees.

    1. Thank you, Matt. Great explanation. I can't wait to give it a try!

  2. OMG ... look at your gorgeous fall colours! **so jealous!!!** Our trees are now bare and the landscape is starting to look rather drab! :(

    1. Thank you,Terri. Pretty soon our beautiful trees will be gone too. I am dreading the cold whether and the bare trees. Thank goodness for this project to keep us occupied and help us find beauty in each season. But, again I don't want winter to come. I am terrified:(