Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 166 - Today

Today was a gorgeous day. After so much rain this week, the sun finally came out and it wasn't  too hot or too cold, or too humid...It was just perfect!.....But, unfortunately this is where I spent most of my day working:
Bummer in the summer!!!!
During my break when the place was empty I took this very quick self portrait....
After work, I discovered this pretty place not far from home. I took some pictures. But, they didn't come out as good as I wanted to. So, I might go back there again some other day....



  1. That's a great barn. Is that a pond or flood water?

    1. Thank you, Matt. It is actually a pond....

  2. Beautiful colors in the barn pic....."Bummer in the Summer" very funny.

  3. Oh I love the reflection in your last shot!! Great color.