Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 118 - A Walk Around Town

My day didn't go exactly as planned today. First, I promised I wasn't going to eat any chocolate. I had eaten plenty over the weekend. But, it was 8 AM and I had already eaten about 1/4 of a 90 % dark chocolate bar. I reasoned that the caffeine in it is what keeps me awake in the morning and that is loaded with antioxidants. Excuses, excuses....
I still had my pjs on when my daughter called me from school and asked me to bring her a t-shirt she was supposed to bring for a morning activity. I had to change quickly and get out of the house with the t-shirt........and my camera.
Since I am usually taking photos at the wrong time of the day, around noon time, I thought I should try to take some photos when the sun is not so harsh. So, right after going to my daughter's school I went for a walk around the block and it resulted in the picture/s of the day. I had so much to do after I got home from my walk that couldn't do Me Monday.  It will have to happen tomorrow or sometime this week.
I found this sink-turned-planter in a garden right by the road. I thought it was..."different"

I saw this pond behind a very old building. I didn't even know it existed. I liked the water reflections.

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