Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89 - I-pod touch Picture

I had a fun time with my daughter and her Appzilla App, Etch cam...We took lots of pictures of the two of us, but our faces looked "weird"...She let me use her device to take a picture of her flute and music sheet before she practiced....


  1. Glad to see you found a way to get a picture today. There are lots of cool photo apps to play around with until you get another camera. Some of my favorites are Hipstamatic, Snapseed, and Camera+.
    Have a happy Easter.

  2. Thank you, Mat. I actually bought Hipstamatic last night. Before project 365 I didn't know anything about it, but I hear you using it so I went ahead and got it. Neat!...I will try the others too. Thank you! Feliz Pascua to you too!